After Reporter Asked Sarah About Oprah, WATCH Sarah HUMILIATE Her In Front Of Everyone

Image Source: MAGA Fan Club

Tuesday during the White House press briefing, many topics were covered after a bipartisan meeting that was held with President Trump where they discussed a bill that includes border security, ‘chain migration,’ visa lottery and DACA. (VIDEO BELOW)

President Trump allowed the press pool to sit in while the bipartisan meeting was being held which was rare moment in time.

The meeting was good not just for the President, but the American people as a whole. America can see how democracy works.

However, during the White House press briefing, the crooked liberal press made sure they kept the gossip and tabloids going. They are like petulant children who need a pacifiers, and Press Secretary Sarah Sanders put them in their place. (VIDEO BELOW)

A reporter asked Sarah:
“Ivanka Trump praised on Twitter Oprah pretty effusively, she said “let’s all come together as women and men, say times up.” Is that the message from this White House that supported- this times up movement?” 
Sarah looked directly at her and responded perfectly:
“I think the message from the White House is obviously that everyone should come together. I think you saw a great example of the president’s focus on that in his leadership in that effort- by bringing Democrats and Republicans together to talk about a very contentious issue, one that’s been going on for years.”
“The debate has never ended in real solutions. We are trying to move that forward, whether it’s on immigration, or a number of other issues. I think the president’s showing his leadership on that front, and we’re gonna continue to look for ways to bring the country together.”
But, the reporter went for another question, and one that shouldn’t even been asked during the White House press briefing. Sarah held back her laughter and then HUMILIATED HER IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!
The reporter asked:
“What advice would you give a political outsider like Oprah who seems intrigued about the idea of running?”
Sarah shot back:

“I’m not gonna focus on anyone’s campaign other than president Trump’s re-election.”

Sarah added:
I’m sure if she decides to run, which I think the President states he doesn’t feel she will, I’m sure she’ll have help with that.”
Then, the reporter dove in deeper asking Sarah if she thought Oprah was qualified.
“Look, I disagree very much on her policies. Is she a successful individual? Absolutely. But, in terms of where she stands on a number of positions, I would find a lot of problems with that. But, that would be something she would have to determine and lay out if she made a decision to run, and what that campaign would look like,” Sarah said.
BOOM! The reporter wasn’t asking anything she already knew. These journalists are the lowest of the low, and desperate for their 5 seconds of fame, or a chance to show their support of the left movement.
*Watch Sarah put this reporter in her place.



  1. Where do they get these slimest of the slimes for the Press – it’s absolutely disgusting and as an American I resent the press’s pursuit of this kind or crap – why have this hour with the press – it’s not worth the air time – I applaud Sarah who has held her own fantastically through this slime slewing – what god awful creeps.

  2. Sarah, The next time one of the press ask you a really stupid question, ask them how much they even know about George Soros. I have been asking Democrats and it seems that they don’t know anything about the EVIL piece of crap. they need to learn the whole story before they decide what they like.

  3. The reporters are just like Sewer Rat’s, they just exist and offer nothing endearing or constructive to their environments, just Sewer Rats. Bottom feeders and purveyors of false and fake news. Worthless people.

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