Genius Trump Smacks Dianne Feinstein Back To Reality With Hilarious New Nickname

Source: Screenshots

Trump knows what he is doing and it just killed the left to watch him operate. He takes on all comers and hits back hard but with humor.

Look, to make a solid point and do it with humor and with lethal accuracy is a form of genius.

It ain’t easy although Trump makes it look easy.

Dianne Feinstein, liberals liberal if ever there was, broke with Senate rules yesterday and released a transcript from Fusion GPS testifying before Congress.

Fusion is the firm that contracted the dodgy dossier about Trump Russia and. Chuck Grassley had not decided if he would release the transcript – he wanted to call other witnesses and releasing this delicate information may hurt his ability to call witnesses.

The transcript considered of zero bombshells and had nothing we have not seen before but instead of talking to Chuck, Dianne took matters into her own hands and dropped the whole transcript.

A weak move a liberal playing a weaker hand but Trump was not going to let it go without comment.

And in the brilliant fashion, he hit her hard, with humor, and gave her a devastating new nickname.

It should be noted that Feinstein is on record (in May) saying she had seen no signs of collusion.



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