J.P. Morgan CEO Accurately Predicts GDP Growth For Trump’s 2nd Year And Liberals Are Terrified

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Trump is succeeding and the left can’t handle it. They cannot handle losing and they will, literally, do anything to stop Trump.

The Trump administration, like all administrations, has its warring factions and competing ideas and competing for power centers inside.

The media will have you believe this has never happened in Presidential history and that Trump’s White House is total chaos.

Don’t believe them – all Presidents have chaos swirling around him and while Trump has a different style and is the first social media President, there is really not much new here.

Backstabbing by White House aides jockeying for power in a White House is normal as is a President who cares what the media says about him.

All normal, all predictable, all quite boring to be honest.

What is neither of those things is what Trump has accomplished so far… especially his tax plan.

Trump gets no credit for passing massive tax reform from the media and that is by design.

They know if Trump’s economy continues to boom they will be proven wrong and will be humiliated (if that is possible) and worse, the Democrats will be the ones getting wiped out in 2018.

It is that simple  – it is always the economy.

J.P. Morgan CEO Jaime Dimon, neither friend nor foe of Trump – you know impartial – went on Maria Bartiromo’s show and made a jaw-dropping prediction.

Now, remember, even though Jaime Dimon runs one of the world’s biggest banks and probably knows more about the real economy than anyone on earth this is still just a prediction.

It is game over for his critics if this is prediction is correct. Even the media, mainly because they will not be able to ignore the good news, will come around and finally start giving Trump his due.

You can take it to the bank.



  1. It is laughable that, even after a year, the Dems are still in a complete tizzy about Hillary losing and President Trump the winner! Our President Tump is doing such masterful juggling and succeeding in reaching his goals. Hard and arduous as it may be he is winning. The American people now have a better future to look forward to.

  2. I totally agree with Maryann, yes, President Trump is succeeding, and succeeding masterfully. Now all the dems have to do is it and cry. since there is no other option. The dems have tried every thing their tiny minds could think of, and most of it illegal and immoral.
    President Trump will continue to show them he is a WINNER, BIG TIME WINNER, MUCH TO THEIR CHAGRIN,
    I am wondering if these idiots can spend another year, walking on their bottom lips?? Don’t they look stupid and ugly?? Their hate and nonacceptance of a NEW PRESIDENT, NAMED DONALD J. TRUMP, is showing on them, they are ugly to begin with; and all this hate just makes them appear even uglier. I can only laugh, at them all.

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