Moments Ago, Pres Trump Responds To Reporters About Oprah 2020 Run

Image Source: Video Screen shot

Tuesday, following his bipartisan immigration lunch at the White House, President Trump responded to the hype surrounding a presidential run by Oprah in 2020. (VIDEO BELOW)

He told reporters very confidently he would beat her.

“Yeah I’ll beat Oprah. Oprah would be a lot of fun. I know her very well…I don’t think she’s going to run”

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  1. I will be behind President Trump 100 Percent in 2020 if he runs. I wouldn’t throw water on Ophra if she was on fire. She is another Hillary..

  2. Definitely he will beat her. Hands down She is another Obama and Hillary. She came right out and said white people should die. Who is going to vote for her…….

  3. Yes President will beat Oprah in 2020 if she decides to run. She has too many skeletons in her closet when it comes to sexual abuse. She claimed a long time ago she was abused sexually as a child. There are a lot of stories about her helping Weinstein’s being a pedofile. She would bring young girls to him telling them he would help them with their acting career and he would end up raping them. There were a few of them who came out recently with that story. Weinstein didn’t help them at all.

  4. I think we know from NBC and other msm outlets and of course, Hollywood’s ecstatic reaction to the possibility of a presidential run, that Oprah would be a very popular Democratic choice, even if she did offer up tender young starlets to the beast, Weinstein. Sex simply is part of the deal, Im sure all the powerful players knew what was what, including Oprah. You find ‘good ole boy’ clubs in every setting, including hollywood, of which she is a member. Much as I still like Oprah the person, I am no fan of the progressive leftist agenda or the hollywood hate rhetoric. She wont get my vote should she run … but I understand she has denied she will. #MAGA2020

  5. Yes he would beat Oprah. Who is going to vote for someone who says white people should die. God is still looking ut for us. Lets keep praying for our country and our President Trump and his family.

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