(VIDEO) CNN Analyst: “I’m a Proud Sh*tholer.” Congratulations Buddy, You DESERVE IT.

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Ever hear of the Clown News Network?  This over dramatic, fabricated nonsense you are about to see is a perfect example of of what the three ring circus, known as CNN, produces when they don’t have good f*ke story rolling.


Yes, President Trump made a mistake when he referred to some African countries as “Sh*thole countries” because it’s just not very polite or presidential.  However, President Trump was not being racist.  He was not referring to the color of the people, he was referring to the condition of the countries.

Of course the DEMS and CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) were quick to cry racism since the “sub-par”  countries Trump was referring to happen to have black populations.  Then out of nowhere you have a clown like CNN Analyst Phillip Mudd come out and blast President Trump because he was discriminated against as a white guy growing up in America.


You can’t make this Sh*thole up!  


Do you feel sorry for this poor young victim of racism?



  1. Hell NO, I don’t feel sorry for him, I don’t think this is what was said to begin with. Even if it was said it was a private feeling and I agree with the thought, why should we support people who only are interested in the monetary values from America. These people don’t assimilate with Americans, they just take and take. Down thru time all people who came went through the same ridicule when they immigrated to America or any other country. He didn’t call the people that name but, rightly called the Countries they came from by their true name.

    • I know your a freeking lib but are you also a mind reader? I doubt it, the Country’s are s-t holes but he would not refer to any people in that derogatory manner, quit making a mountain out of a mole hill! That’s the whole trouble with you sore loser and whining libs you lie and spin and twist everything said. Get a normal life.

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