Reporter Was Just Left Totally Speechless As Trump Confirms Democrat’s WORST Fear

Source: Twitter

While many liberals may deny this, we all know President Trump’s stance on immigration and on the border. Many democrats think he is beginning to soften or lose hope on his border wall that was his biggest campaign promise. (VIDEO BELOW)

However, us supporters knew that not to be the case, when President Trump wants to get something done, he doesn’t give up until it is complete. While at the news conference he held today, a reporter stood up and asked him a question.

This question was whether or not President Trump would be willing to sign an immigration deal that would not include funding for the border wall. Before she could even finish asking the question President Trump bluntly gave his answer. “NO.”

“No, we need the wall, we need the wall for security, we need the wall for safety, and we need the wall to stop drugs from pouring in. I would imagine that the people in the room both democrat and republican, I really believe that they will come to a solution to the DACA problem and to immigration. But it needs to include the wall, without the wall it all doesn’t work.”

President Trump just hit the nail on the head! Without the border wall nothing else makes sense! The wall is so important for security purposes. Do you lock your doors at night? If yes then the wall should make sense to you too!

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  1. It becomes increasingly obvious that these “journalists”, plus Democrats and Liberals in general become more stupid by the hour!!!! Trump is 100% correct – we need to build that wall and also start the vetting process and get totally rid of the “lottery” system of letting illegal immigrants into our country – unless we KNOW FOR CERTAIN that they want to contribute in healthy ways to our country – NOT TERRORISM!

  2. As President Trump stated the “Wall” is an absolutely a necessity.This country is over run with illegal immigrants.Yes their are many good immigrants but they broke the LAW and came here by sneaking into this country like a thief in the night .As far a the “Dreamers are concerned they sent their children here to be raised by strangers.Have the “Dreamer’s” tried to seek legal means to become legal citizens. Those who served in the Military should automatically be granted
    legal citizenship. They are no longer children they are adults they need to seek legal status and if they have broken no laws given priority for citizenship.

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