Trump Discovers Easy Way To Out-Negotiate Chuck Schumer And Checkmate Hapless Pelosi

Source: Screenshot

President Trump just rejected the proposed DACA deal, out-negotiated Chuck Schumer, and checkmated Nancy Pelosi all before noon today.

Well actually this happened last night but you would never know it if you were listening to the media.

Yesterday there was a very contentious immigration meeting with Dem and GOP leaders. The debate got heated, according to all sources, with people passionately defending their side.

Nothing new here. The language was coarse and tough – on all sides, again according to all sources and a deal was not reached.

Immediately someone leaked to the press one side of the conversation, with zero context.

The media pounced and have gone after Trump with a venom we haven’t seen in a while. Vicious and swift was the media to be judge, jury, and executioner.

But they missed the real story – which is Trump just played Chuck and Nancy. They want to hold the government hostage and, they must have never read a Trump book because that is a dumb tactic.

Trump set the record, the media, and Chuck and Nancy straight today and all that is left is for them to cave, which should happen soon.

Good luck Chuck, you are going to need it. Or you can do the right thing?



  1. WE want what President Trump is suggesting. He is smarter than the rest of you put together. The Dems need to quit the con jobs, we are tired of their corruption and lies. Most of the Dems have sold their sould to the DEVIL.

  2. We are definitely disappointed in you Dems. You have no idea how to get things done, the only thing that you do know is how to cheat and deceive. We don’t like the games you play and the underhanded way you treat the American people, and you wonder why you are losing your members! We are Americans and you should be doing what is RIGHT FOR AMERICA! Your desire is for votes only and it doesn’t matter how many laws you break. DO YOU LOVE YOUR COUNTRY OR NOT/

  3. Our Great POTUS Donald J. Trump has set the Globalist Progressive Liberal and RINO DC Establishment (The Swamp) on his Populous American agenda that will Make America Great Again. The Globalist Liberal US Congressman and their RINO counterparts have been getting RICH by taking donations from Globalist Corporations to destroy the US Constitutional Republic to instill their Satanic One World Government. Those day are over. That is the reason why the Donkey Party and their Progressive Liberal Mainstream Media has been doing all they can to impeach Our Great POTUS Doanld J. Trump. These Traitors to the US Constitution are all but done. If they decide to remove Our Great POTUS Donald J. Trump from his duly elected office, I will be the first person to take up arms and KILL every Progressive Liberal on the street in cold blood.

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